Advanced Malware Protection

The evolution of advanced malware

In the last 10 years, malware has evolved both in terms of how its is used and what it can do.

The new generation of threat actors and advanced attackers are highly targeted and focused on acquiring something valuable and vital to your organisation, such as personal data, intellectual property, or insider information. These targeted attacks occur across all industries, and are stealthy and persistent enough to go un-dectected by traditional security technologies, such as next-generation firewalls, traditional IPS, anti-virus and secure email and web gateways.

In order to combat these advanced attacks, organizations need to reimagine security and adopt a continuous threat protection model. This means having the ability to detect threats in real time as well as reduce the time it takes to contain and resolve the threat.

Lato Networks work alongside leading next generation security vendors FireEye and Lastline to combat advanced threats.

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