FireEye Advanced Malware Detection


Cyber Crime has evolved in recent years from amateur hackers using generic tools in an opportunistic and indiscriminate fashion to deface websites or temporarily cripple networks, to more advanced criminality using targeted, resilient methods to evade security infrastructure and reside on your network undetected.

Once inside, advanced malware will hide, replicate, and disable host protections. After it installs, it phones home to its command and control (CnC) server for instructions, which could be to steal data, infect other endpoints, allow reconnaissance, or lie dormant until the attacker is ready to strike. Attacks succeed in this second communication stage because few technologies monitor outbound malware transmissions. Administrators remain unaware of the hole in their networks until the damage is done.

FireEye-Diagram01The primary driver for this evolution is the financial gain available from continuous data exfiltration or acutely timed demise of your critical systems.  Traditional defences must be augmented with protection from the advanced, targeted threats with next generation, signature-less, threat prevention.

FireEye is the revolutionary, patented solution that complements existing signature-based Security solutions by identifying, isolating and halting both Zero day and targeted attacks as they occur. As criminals create over 85,000 samples of unique Malware every single day, Zero day protection is critical to ensure systems are protected. For attacks targeted specifically against your organisation, including Spear Phishing, FireEye can protect attacks with pinpoint accuracy - even if only one employee is targeted by a single command and control server.

Lato Networks are a leading FireEye Solutions provider in Europe. We offer FireEye solutions for Web and Email including Onsite Managed Services.

Please contact us for 30 day evaluation of FireEye's technology. The evaluation provides details a comprehensive report including:

  • Existing undetected Malware, including call back detail - What your existing Infrastructure has missed
  • ProActive Zero day Protection & Logging
  • Targeted Attack Protection & Logging
Lastline's unique approach to breach detection is the culmination of more
than ten years of R&D specifically focused on advanced and evasive breach
weaponry and tactics. The result is a software-based platform designed to
integrate breach detection capabilities seamlessly into your existing security
portfolio and rapidly detect active breaches.
Cover Your Entire Enterprise
Lastline provides comprehensive detection of advanced and evasive threats
across your entire enterprise - Operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and
Android), physical and virtual hosts, services, users, network infrastructure
and Web, email, file, and mobile applications. Lastline's flexible software-based
platform allows organizations to scale their breach defenses on a predictable
basis, from a single location to any number of remote, branch, and mobile
offices. Licensing is done by user - not by location, appliance or bandwidth.
Detect Evasive Threats That Others Miss
Lastline detects unknown threats specifically designed to evade first-generation
sandbox appliances. When compared to competing approaches, Lastline's fullsystem
emulation sandbox provides the deepest level of visibility into unknown
malware behavior and is also the hardest for evasive malware to circumvent.
The result is the successful detection of malicious attacks that others simply
don't see.
Respond to Advanced Attacks
Breach analysis results are presented using an incident-centric approach in
which evidence from sandbox analysis, network monitoring, and anomaly
detection are correlated to provide actionable analyses of ongoing incidents.
Indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with evasive malware and command
and control traffic are prioritized to reduce noise and save responders time