Lastline Breach Detection Platform

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Lastine's unique approach to breach detection is the culmination of more than ten years of R&D specifically focused on advanced and evasive breach weaponry and tactics. Created by the founders of commonly used security tools Anubis and Wepawet, Lastline's software-based platform is designed to reduce exposure gaps and integrate with existing security systems.

Cover Your Entire Enterprise

Lastline provides comprehensive detection of advanced and evasive threats across your entire enterprise- Operating systems (Windows, Mac, OS X, and Android), physical and virtual hosts, services, users, network infrastructure and Web, email, file and mobile applications. Lastline's flexible software-based platform allows organizations to scale their breach defences on a predictable basis, from a single location to any number of remote, branch and mobile offices.

Detect Evasive Threats That Others Miss

Lastline detects unknown threats specifically designed the evade first-generation sandbox appliances. When compared to competing approaches, Lastline's full-system emulation sandbox provides a deeper level of visibility into the behaviour of malware and is the hardest for evasive malware to circumvent.

Respond To Advanced Attacks

Breach analysis results are presented using an incident-centric approach in which evidence from sandbox analysis, network monitoring, and anomaly detection are correlated to provide actionable analyses of incidents. Indicators of compromise associated with evasive malware and command and control traffic are prioritised to reduce noise and save responders time.

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