Cloud Networking


Arista Software Driven Cloud Networking (SDCN), combines the principles that have made cloud computing the unstoppable force that it is: automation, self service provisioning, and linear scaling of both performance and economics coupled with the recent trend in Software Driven Cloud Networking that delivers: network virtualization, custom programmability, simplified architectures, and more realistic price points to the table. This combination creates a best-in-class software foundation for maximizing the value of the network to both the enterprise and service provider data center: a new architecture for the most mission-critical location within the IT infrastructure that simplifies management and provisioning, speeds up service delivery, lowers costs and creates opportunities for competitive differentiation, while putting control and visibility back in the hands of the network and systems administrators.

The Four Pillars of Arista's Software Driven Cloud Networking are:

Pillar 1: Universal Cloud Network

  • Scalable standards-based MLAG for L2, ECMP for Layer 3
  • Non Blocking Spline / Leaf-Spine for 50K-100K hosts

Pillar 2: Cloud Control

  • Standards Based EOS with AEM, ZTP / ZTR, LANZ, DANZ, RAIL etc.
  • Automated Monitoring

Pillar 3: Network Wide Virtualization

  • Multi Vendor API Support with eAPI
  • Support for VMware and NSX with VXLAN and VMTracer
  • Support for Microsoft OMI

Pillar 4: Network Applications & Automated Management

  • Network Applications for workload mobility, smart systems upgrade and telemetry
  • Single Point of Management with no proprietary lock in CloudVision
  • Open- OpenFlow, OpenStack, OpenVirtual Switch, OVSDB and others