Endpoint Security

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Experts say that by 2020 enterprises will be in a state of continuous attack. Advanced malware is getting through next generation defences and landing on the end point and servers. Every organization, regardless of size, must prepare for the inevitable databreach.

Introducing Bit 9 + Carbon Black, a new generation of security for your end points and servers.

Carbon Black's lightweight endpoint sensor, which can be rapidly deployed with no configuration to enable detection and response in seconds, combined with Bit9's industry leading prevention technology, delivers four key benefits:

  • Continuous, real-time visibilty into what's happening on every computer
  • Real-time threat detection, without relying on signatures
  • Instant response by seeing the full 'kill chain' of any attack
  • Prevention that is proactive and customizable

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Network Security Devices and Bit9 + Carbon Black

Extend Network Threat Alerting and Malware Analysis to the Endpoint.

Bit9 + Carbon Black have partnered with today's leading next-generation network security vendors to offer joint customers comprehensive closed-loop integration between network firewalls, threat analysis and detonation services, and advanced endpoint threat protection solutions to protect you from today's sophisticated cyber threats, including zero-day and targeted attacks.

When Check Point SoftwareFidelisFireEye or Palo Alto Networks detect a suspicious file on your network, Bit9 automatically tells you if the malware has landed or executed on any of your endpoints or servers. We confirm the location, scope and severity of the threat. Also, as new files arrive on your endpoints and servers Bit9 can submit them-on-demand or automatically-to Check Point, FireEye or Palo Alto Networks for analysis. And if they determine the file is malicious, Bit9 will stop it from executing.

Bit9 Carbon Black Integration Diagram

Reduce the time it takes to prioritize alerts and investigate incidents from days to minutes.

  • Prioritize network alerts by correlating them with Bit9's real-time endpoint data.
  • Speed investigation by locating every instance of a suspicious file across your endpoints and servers.
  • Drive remediation by enforcing endpoint and server security policies, stopping an attack and preventing it from happening again.
  • Analyze files-both automatically and on-demand-that arrive on your endpoints and servers to quickly determine their risk.